MHS Students Thank Veterans


Children at Milford High School took time to ‘Thank A Vet” during their lunch period on Wednesday, November 9. In honor of the observance on Veterans Day on the following Friday students were greeted during lunch by retired military Edward Mocevlski and Raymond Manuel. With the help of Collen Thompson, Department of Delaware Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, children were meet with poppy flowers and explained the significance they hold for all Americans.

The poppy flower has come to symbolize the blood shed and sacrifice of soldiers and originates from the battle in Flanders Field in Belguim during WWI. A particularly bloody battle, many soldiers were buried at Flanders Field. Red poppy flowers began to grow through the field where white crosses were placed for buried soldiers. The contrast of the red poppy and white crosses was so significant that John McCrae, poet and soldier during WWI, wrote “In Flander Field” describing the site. In 1923 the Veterans of Foreign Wars decided to distribute red poppy flowers in remembrance of all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Students from Milford signed two posters in the main lobby thanking veterans for their sacrifice. The banners will be sent to the local VFW post 6483 and the Home of the Brave, a non-profit organization in Milford that assists veterans with housing, to show students’ gratitude for the sacrifices made by all veterans.

“I always remember veterans coming to our school when I was growing up,” commented Principal Cooper. “Last year we received over 800 student signatures on these posters. It meant so much to the veterans at the VFW.”

Thursday morning Milford High School held an assembly in the auditorium to honor veterans who have served. Cyndi McDougall, Milford High School teacher and ten year veteran of the United States Air Force, spoke to the students about the importance of veterans day.

“We are here today to reflect on the sacrifice of our veterans,” commented Mrs. McDougall. “Every single one of you are connected to the U.S. military as they are protecting all of you. We should never forget the sacrifices that have been made and are being made to protect the freedoms of this great nation.”

The assembly on Thursday recognized over 80 MHS students who have served or are serving the United States Armed Forces.