Milford Holds Strong Against St. Marks but Comes Up Short

Haylee Scruggs (#3) fighting for the ball on the SMHS side of the field.

Looking for their first playoff victory in 15 years, the Buccaneers traveled north to take on the Saint Marks Spartans. Despite Milford controlling much of the first half play, a Saint Marks goal halfway through the first half was enough to ensure a 1-0 victory by the Spartans.

At the opening whistle Milford drove the ball forward and spent most of first 15 minutes in the Spartans end. Despite a few penalty corners, keeper Rebekah Yanacek kept her team in the game until the 15 minute mark.
On a penalty corner the defense failed to mark up and a shot trickled passed the defense and Yanacek, giving the Spartans an early lead.

Immediately after Milford head coach Andrea Fleming called a timeout in an attempt to organize her team and get them back on the task at hand. Despite the timeout, Milford was unable to tie the game and went into half time still trailing 1-0.

From the start of the second half, thing did not look like they would go the Buccaneers’ way. The Spartans had numerous penalty corners and a lighting fast offensive trio made it extremely difficult for Milford to search for an equalizer.

It would be much of the same when moments later; Yanacek had to rush forward to make a kick save to quell the impending offensive attack.

After much relentless offensive pressure and six minutes left in the game, Saint Marks called a timeout. Coach Fleming used the time to rally her troops for a last-ditch effort at tying the game.

After another volley of Spartan corners, Milford was unable to get one past Saint Marks and the Spartans moved on to the next round of the playoffs with a 1-0 victory.