Mobile Technology Increases Customer Interaction


State Farm Pocket Agent Allows Clients to Submit Claims from iPhone

The influence of technology in our lives is increasing at a more rapid rate every day. Although the internet, as we know it today, made its appearance in homes across america just 20 years ago, it is very difficult to imagine even a day without it. From that technology the ‘smart phone’ was created and now mobile devices are able to search the web as effective as home computers. Complete access to personal email, bank accounts and insurance information has helped Apple’s iPhone become a dominant player in today’s mobile age. One business that has been successful using mobile technology to increase customer service at the local level is State Farm Insurance.

Keeping ahead of the newest technological and customer service trends, State Farm Insurance has introduced the new ‘Pocket Agent’ which is much more than just the normal hosting website application. This new iPhone application allows State Farm Insurance holders to submit complete accident reports including taking photographs, recording details of the incident and documenting witness information.

With this new technology mobile insurance claims will provide more accurate information and decrease the time of the claim process. Let’s look at a specific scenario:

Mr. Smith is hit from behind by another vehicle at a stoplight. The first step after checking to see if all individuals involved in the accident are fine will be to exchange insurance information. Mr. Smith will be able to use his iPhone Pocket Agent application to submit the information needed for his State Farm insurance agent on the site of the incident. His insurance information can be brought up on the screen of his iPhone to be given to the owner of the other vehicle and to law enforcement agents. The insurance information of the other vehicle owner can be submitted to State Farm through the iPhone for future use by Mr. Smith’s agent.

Pictures of the incident, which are very critical to insurance claims and possible future legal procedures, can be taken at the scene from the iPhone and submitted directly to the local State Farm Agency where it is placed on file. To further describe the details of the accident Mr. Smith can use the Draw the Scene feature that offers users the ability to “draw” the scene and circumstances of an accident, by selecting a road setting and vehicle, adding objects and showing motion. If witnesses are present Mr. Smith can take down information of witnesses to an accident and make free-form notes in addition to filling out the claim form information.

The technology provided by the Pocket Agent application has increased the ability for State Farm to receive incident information accurately and in a more timely manner. It has allowed insurance holders to be more involved with the insurance claim process and their insurance policies. The pocket agent allows users to also pay their insurance premiums, stay current on their specific policy details and make deposits to their State Farm Bank account directly from the iPhone.

Making the way in which customers interact with their business easier, State Farm has taken advantage of the mobile technology trend which is rapidly increasing across the nation and internationally. With the new Pocket Agent application State Farm insurance encourages their clients to be more involved with their insurance policy and claims by making themselves accessible through their local offices, online and now through their clients’ mobile phone. Mobile technology is an increasing business trend that will influence how businesses perform their services and interact with their customers in the future. For more information about the State Farm Pock Agent visit