The Adventure in your Community


Staff Report

Students of Milford Central Academy have been learning about the Milford community by participating in Geography Awareness Week. Part of a National Geographic initiative to encourage children to explore their communities, Geography Awareness Week was established approximately 25 years ago and reaches more than 100,000 Americans who actively participate each year.

This year’s Geography Awareness Week theme promoted the idea that the geographic perspective is an important way to understand every community no matter what size, or how long or briefly one has been a part of it. Students from Milford Central Academy were asked to explore their own communities anew through the geographic eyes by undertaking a series of missions. These missions emphasize geographic skills such as photography, storytelling, mapping and taking action. Students were asked to create poster boards describing their unique projects that were put on display at the school.

Several students choose to explore their community through photography by taking photographs of people and places in different ways,allowing students to study the town in new ways and make connections that may not have been seen before. Students were encouraged to take pictures of Milford in ways that they thought held the town together as a community and created its identity.

Student projects included exploring the community in the eyes of a bugs-eye view, a Ghost walk where they visualized things that were once there and gone, a look at a journey through Milford by walking, riding a bike or traveling in a car and even mapped the community by smell.