Carmean Named City Manager


During the Executive Session of the City Council meeting on Monday, November 28 the status of City Manager David Baird’s contract was up for discussion. Since both parties could not agree to the terms of the contract City Council voted to discontinue Mr. Baird’s contract.  In a 7-1 vote, Councilman Brooks voting no, City Council voted to end his contract, effective November 29.

In a statement released to the public on Wednesday, November 30 The City of Milford announced that “City Manager David W. Baird has left office effective November 29, 2011 following the inability of the City and Mr. Baird to reach an agreement on the terms of a new employment contract. Mayor Joseph R. Rogers thanks Mr. Baird for his service to the City and on behalf of City Council, wishes him well in his future endeavors.”

During an Executive Session on Monday, December 5 City Council decided to appoint Richard Carmean as City Manager. During open session Councilman Morrow made a motion to “appoint Richard Carmean as City Manager for an indefinite term.” Councilman Brooks seconded the motion and City Council vote unanimously to approve it.

Richard Carmean has a long history working with the City of Milford. Mr. Carmean was Chief of Police for the City of Milford for 25 years and in 1997 became City Manager for 11 years. Before his retirement, Mr. Carmean brought David Baird, who was City Manager of Georgetown at the time, on as his assistant with the intention of grooming David as his replacement. After one year of working together Mr. Carmean decided to retire and recommended that Mr. Baird be hired as City Manager of Milford.

Recently, Carmean was offered a part-time position as Director of Economic Development under the Economic Development Strategy that was adopted by Milford City Council on January 25, 2011. As the Economic Development Director, Carmean has worked with existing and new businesses in Milford constructing economic incentives for those that add jobs to the local economy. Working with the Department of Economic Development Office (DEDO), Sussex County, Delaware Department of Transportation(DELDOT) and other public and private enterprises Richard Carmean has put the wheels in motion for projects ranging from the addition of new positions in existing local businesses to expansion of new businesses into the Milford area.

“The City and taxpayers have for 40 years provided me with my livelihood,” commented Mr. Carmean. “I feel it is my duty to serve them.”

Mr. Carmean stated several projects that need to be prioritized including the construction of the water tower on the South East Region, the facilitation of the water treatment plant overhaul on Washington Street and multiple street and sewer projects.

“We are very fortunate to have someone with experience who can step in immediately,” commented Mayor Rogers. “This will allow us to complete the current projects much faster.”