Bayhealth Discusses Replacement Hospital


On Monday,December 5 Bayhealth Medical Center held a public forum introducing its new Administrator, Michael Ashton, and discussed details regarding the new replacement hospital that will serve the Milford community in the years to come.

In September of this year, Bayhealth Medical Center welcomed Michael Ashton, his wife Jessica and their three kids to the Milford community. Mr. Ashton joins Bayhealth in a newly created Administration post at Milford Memorial Hospital which will focus on health services and will have a critical role in the development for the Milford Memorial replacement hospital.

Moving from York, Pennsylvania, the Ashton family is quickly becoming accustomed to life in Milford and has been met with open arms.

“My family has had such a warm reception from not only Bayhealth but the community,” commented Mr. Ashton. “There are so many advantaged to living in a tight-knit community such as Milford. We are getting to know people very well and they are very open to meeting us.”

In addition to serving as Administrator, Ashton will also oversee 37-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and Home Health Services and will act as a liaison to community members, physician staff, hospital employees and the Milford Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Mr. Ashton will help oversee the administration of the Bayhealth long-term strategic plan which includes recruiting and expanding the pool of physicians and medical specialists and improving a patient-centered experience for patients, families and the Milford community.

During Monday’s public forum, Bayhealth President and CEO Terry Murphy and Vice President & COO Debra Watson discussed Bayhealth’s long-term vision to provide the Milford community with a state-of-the-art replacement facility.

Bayhealth is interviewing four national firms to help facilitate the Master Plan for the replacement site which will be constructed on the same site of the current hospital. The Master Plan is expected to be completed by October 2012 and will allow Bayhealth Medical Center to prepare its facility for the next 50-100 years.

In an attempt to meet the growing needs for space to accommodate new and existing services, Bayhealth will continue to make infrastructure improvements to Milford Memorial Hospital while the planning for the replacement hospital continues. Constriction of the new replacement hospital is expected to begin in 2014 and is estimated to take approximately two years to reach completion. Building the replacement hospital on the current campus will eliminate the need to acquire new land and allow the project to be developed in phases.

“Our mission is to achieve the hospital of the future,” commented Michael Ashton. “This is a very exciting time for our entire community.”