Chamber of Commerce Gives Back to the Community

CCGM Ex. Dir. Jo Schmeiser, Heritage at Milford Marketing Dir. Jordana Naftzinger, Heritage at Milford Guest Services Director Cheryl Stover

By Executive Director jo Schmeiser

This is the time of year we really concentrate on giving back, however when it comes the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford we give back all year long.

Often when people think about the chamber, supporting the business community through networking is the first thing that comes to mind, however unlike most chambers of commerce our chamber gives back A LOT!

Don’t get me wrong, our members “work” for their donations, but we’d like to think they’re having a good time while working, and meeting new customers as well.

This year the CCGM donated over $8,000.00 to non-profit members who helped make the chamber Awards Dinner, Golf Classic, Riverwalk “Freedom” Festival and Holiday Auction & Tastes of Milford successful.  The chamber surpassed the goals set by the Board of Directors and were still able to support our members through monetary donations.

Another way the CCGM gives back to the community with the help from chamber members is the through the Annual Holiday Stocking Stuffer.  The Heritage at Milford hosts the event each year in December and they also donate the stockings.  The Heritage always does a great job combining the stocking stuffer with a mixer, all with a holiday theme.  Their new chef Joe offered a variety of home-made treats, the juke-box was full of holiday tunes and the thirty plus attendees were all in a festive mood, happy to help stuff about 200 stockings.

CCGM members are very generous, as they not only did all the stuffing; they donated hundreds of items to fill the stockings with, from crayons to candy canes.

Unfortunately there are many children in the Milford community that are considered to be living in poverty and will not be celebrating the holidays like most of us will be doing.

Reports say there are about eighty-three students that are considered homeless, and thirty-two of them are currently in foster care.

With the coordination between Craig Warrington, from the Milford School District and Jordana Naftzinger, from the Heritage at Milford, the two-hundred stuffed stockings will be distributed to children in the school district who may not otherwise get anything for the holidays.

CCGM members and the staff at the Heritage look forward to the Annual Holiday Stocking Stuffer, yet wish there weren’t so many neglected children in the Milford Community.

The chamber members are always happy to pitch in, and really hope the stockings bring a little joy, happiness and fun for all the children this holiday season.

There are still many opportunities to donate before the end of the year.  Check the Milford Chronicle for more information, or look up non-profit organizations on the chamber website ( or call the chamber at 422.3344.