MSD Provides Outreach to Homeless Students


Sylvia Henderson, Director of Student Support, and Craig Warrington, Director of Milford School District Mentoring Programs, have teamed up with local community organizations to help the increasing homeless problem in the Milford School District. As the national numbers of homeless children grow, Milford School District has not been immune to the rising numbers of homeless children.

The Milford School District has identified 83 students who are considered homeless and another 32 in foster care in the Milford region. The numbers across the state and nation continue to rise as shelters and other non-profit organizations are feeling more demand on their services.

“This outreach program has been very humbling,” commented Ms. Henderson, Director of Student Support. “It is heart wrenching to hear some of the families’ stories. You begin to realize how fortunate you are and how much you take for granted.”

Local donors, non-profits, businesses, ministries and the Dover Air Force Base have partnered to provide clothing and food vouchers, coats, toys, hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and other resources to deal with transportation and enrollment needs.

Using an unused group of classrooms at the Milford Middle School, school officials have developed a retention center for materials and resources for homeless families that have children in the Milford School District. Families in need can visit the center and are provided with necessary items to keep their children active in school.

“It is a very eye-opening experience to see these families,” commented Mr. Warrington, Director of Milford School District Mentoring Programs. “It could easily be you or I in this situation. This problem has crossed all social and economic boundaries.”

This program will continue to offer services to the homeless student population throughout the school year. Individuals who want to find out more about the homeless student outreach program in the Milford School District are encouraged to call Craig Warrington at 302-424-6470 or 302-384-4669.