2012 New Year’s Resolutions


As we say goodbye to 2011 we all set new goals and challenges for ourselves in the year ahead. Milford LIVE’s New year’s Resolution is to grow alongside our community and help Milford grow in a positive direction. We will do all that is necessary to cover the news and information of 2012 and make sure that the hard work of individuals do not go unnoticed. Milford LIVE is here as the community’s news source and looks forward to making sure that we help create an informed citizenry. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions from our Milford Family:


Tia Lisa Gallo Mallard
“I resolve to perform an act of kindness everyday of the year.”





April Allyson Abel
“More time for art. Less worry. More time spent with good friends, and less at work.”





Dorian Mendez-Vaz

“My resolution is to laugh more and take better care of me.”





Karli Swope

“To make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible.”


Jason Adkins
“Waste less time browsing the internet.”





Shelby Nash
“I follow the advice of my late grandfather about resolutions: Don’t make any. Don’t break any.”

Ashley Huber
“To slow down and enjoy life more.”


Dwayne Powell

“The year dnt change me, I strive daily,and learn from yesterday. Each day by ever hour I strive to be a better me. But there is one New years Resolution that I do have. I would love to see Milford to be known as an Artistic and Musical town, filled with a Diversity of People of all ethic backgrounds. I would love to see Quality of good business come to the area. I would to see people in the town think more outside the box more and support each other. I have a great vision for this town and would love to share. So my New year Resolution is simple; MAKE CHANGE!!! Happy New Years to all the excited ppl out that want change within themselves and in the world. Peace and Blessings and may God bless you all.”