KSI’s Transportation Receives $300,000 Donation


KSI recently received a $300,000 donation from the Longwood Foundation to help support the transportation services KSI provides to its program participants. This donation will go toward the purchase of new vehicles for KSI’s transportation system.

Transportation, to and from work, is one of the most valuable services KSI provides its nearly 300 program participants. Maintaining approximately 25 regular van routes, KSI’s transportation department has traveled over 1,000,000 each year for the last several years. While KSI has continued to utilize its high-mileage vehicles, several are beyond their optimal replacement cycle. This $300,000 donation enables those vehicles to be replaced. KSI’s transportation fleet is maintained by KSI’s in-house mechanic whenever possible. This has enabled KSI to maximize the use of each vehicle.