Lions’ Vision Research Foundation


By Dick Andrews

Lions Clubs are a worldwide service organization of men and women with a motto “We Serve”. Lions Clubs are non-political, non-sectarian worldwide volunteer service organizations whose purpose is to recognize needs in the community and to work with the community to solve these problems.

Early on Helen Keller challenged the Lions Clubs to become “Knights of the Blind”. Since that time, sight conservation and aid to persons with visual impairment has been a primary gold of the Lions Clubs throughout the world.

The Lions of Delaware have always supported The Leader Dog, Delaware Valley Eye Bank, Delaware Sight & Hearing Foundation, Wilmer Eye Institute and other sight related programs.

In May 1988 Wilmer Eye Institute became an integral part of the John Hopkins Medical Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The Lions Clubs in Multiple District 22, which comprises of Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia, established the Lions Vision Research Foundation (LVRF) to support the research at the Wilmer Eye Institute. The Lions Vision Research Foundation is a private, not-profit foundation. It has a 23-member board of trustees, elected from the Multiple District 22 Lions membership, plus three members from the Wilmer Eye Institute. The board oversees the Foundation’s activities, including review and section of Wilmer research proposals for Foundation Funding.

The Lions Vision Research Foundation and the Wilmer Eye Institute are working to support low vision research and rehabilitation to eliminate diseases that cause low vision and blindness. Wilmer physicians and scientists have made many contributions that have had a major impact on the treatment, and the prevention of many blinding eye diseases.

It cost around $250,000 per year to support this research. The Lions Vision Research Foundation depends on individual tax deductible contributions, memorial and tribute gifts, bequest and the many fund raising activities by members of the Lions Clubs.

We invite you to become a partner in supporting low vision research and rehabilitation against diseased causing low vision and blindness. If you would like to contribute to the work and success of the Low Vision Research Foundation or find out more about the Wilmer research, please contact the Lion Vision Research Foundation, P. O. Box 1714, Baltimore, MD 21203-1714, phone 410-955-1883 or