Transportation Service Looking to Move to Milford


Staff Report

Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. has announced the expansion of their program into Delaware and is working with local businesses and organizations in Milford to start a public transportation service for alcohol-impaired drivers.

The non-profit organization, which offers reduced rate designated driver services, has launched successful programs in several Maryland and Virginia areas, as well as two areas in Colorado. The program hopes to be up and running by the summer season and plans to launch first in Sussex County, serving the Milford, Lincoln, Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey areas initially.

“We are excited to launch the Will Be Designated Driver Program in the Milford area,” said Seanna Smallwood, President and CEO of the company.  “The feedback from the state and the community has already been so positive that we know the program will be a huge success in Milford and will grow to include many other areas in Delaware.”
The program chose to launch in this area due to the lack of public transportation and taxi service. The rural nature of the area often means that a citizen may choose to drink and drive, not realizing they are over the legal limit, resulting in a DUI, or worse, injury or death to themselves or others on the highways. This program offers a viable solution to drinking and driving at a reasonable cost. Since the program’s inception in June 2011, they have removed over 500 impaired drivers from highways in the areas they serve.

Interested citizens can arrange in advance to have the Will Be DD driver pick them up at home or at work, deliver them to the location of the event, and then return them home for just $2 per mile. Alcoholic beverage servers or other concerned citizens can utilize the program when a patron appears unable to drive home by calling the service for immediate pick-up and delivery. A second driver can be dispatched for an additional $2 per mile should the impaired driver choose not to leave their vehicle at the location.

The program has applied for state funding to expedite implementation of the service and is looking for corporate sponsorships to help the program get underway. Sponsor benefits include ride tokens, which can be given to patrons that are unable or unwilling to pay for the service, monthly memberships, and advertising on the vans used by the service, along with other incentives based on the level of corporate sponsorship.

In order to begin offering the service, funding is needed. The program must purchase several 10-passenger vans to cover the area, hire drivers and dispatching staff, and obtain the proper licenses, insurance and other administrative requirements to begin offering the service.

If you are interested in making a donation to help implement this valuable program or to learn more about corporate sponsorship, visit the website ( or contact Terry Rogers (302) 270-3878.