Ashley Young Back in the Game


By Chelsea Reynolds

Ashley Young was supposed to be a young phenomenon playing for Milford’s girls’ basketball team. That was before she tore her ACL and some of her meniscus.

It all happened during her sophomore year on Feb. 18, 2010. About six games into the season as Milford battled rival Dover, Ashley nabbed a first-quarter steal on broke loose for a fast break. While she went up for a lay-up, a Dover player “bridged her,” or hit Ashley’s legs under her, and she went down.

The injury proved severe. Young got surgery at Christiana Hospital on her right knee and went to physical therapy two weeks after surgery at Southern Delaware Physical Therapy.

“I was devastated when I learned I could not play basketball for six months,” said Young.

Finally, during her junior year, Young started off at open gym eager to play. She failed to wear her brace and tore her right ACL a second time. Young got surgery once again at the same hospital and started going to physical therapy all over again.

“It was an emotional toll,” said Young, who still attended games and remained supportive though she couldn’t play.

Always there for the girls, she would sit on the bench, still being a part of the team.

“It was hard sitting there watching all of my teammates play the one sport I loved while I couldn’t” said Young.

Now that Young has recovered, she has prepared herself for basketball this season after playing summer basketball and running cross country.

“I am more than ready” Young said. “I feel that this year there is a more positive vibe from the team.”

“Not having Ashley play for two seasons was a great loss,” said senior teammate Kaitlin Reynolds, who has played with Young since their freshman year together on varsity. “Not only is she my friend, but also my teammate.”

After her first 13 games this season, Young is still going strong. Other than her brace she wears, few could tell she was injured or has been sitting out for two seasons.

Most recently on Jan. 27, even though the girls lost to Dover High, 67-35, Young was one of the leading scorers with 11 points.