Kinkead to Retire After 25 Years


By Bethany Campbell

After 25 years of teaching, Mrs. Joan Kinkead will retire at the end of next month from Milford School District.

Mrs. Kinkead has taught for the English Department at Milford High School for her past seven years, teaching SAT Verbal Prep, speech classes, and English to ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders. In earlier years, Mrs. Kinkead was also the advisor for the student newspaper and coach of the Academic Quiz Bowl Team at DeMatha Catholic High School.

According to Mrs. Kinkead, she chose to become an English teacher because she has a passion for reading and knew she would be able to read every day if she taught English.

“I actually sat down and thought about a job that would enable me to read a lot, and this is what I thought of,” said Mrs. Kinkead.
At college, she received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in English education and then continued to earn her master’s degree from Walden University.

When Mrs. Kinkead leaves school for good on Feb. 29, she said she’ll definitely miss “the students because there are a lot of really nice kids here at Milford that I’ve enjoyed teaching.”

According to Mrs. Kinkead, “the best part about being an English teacher is when a student tells you they’re going to college to become an English teacher, or when you overhear students talking about a book. That’s really cool.”

Even though she admits she’ll miss teaching, she already has plans for the future. Mrs. Kinkead said she can’t wait to visit her one-year-old granddaughter more often, knit, read books, and actually have the energy to exercise by taking walks, riding her bike or doing yoga.

Mrs. Dawn Dehel, who has worked with Mrs. Kinkead since she came to Milford High School, says “We will miss her terribly when she leaves. She really knows her stuff and is such a great teacher and resource.”