MHS Cheerleading Team Look for Success


By Brenna Schafer

The Milford High School competition cheerleading team recently started its season, and so far, nothing has appeared easy. With injured teammates and some struggles in their routines, the girls have gone through enormous amounts of stress.

In its first competition on Jan. 22 against defending state champion Dover High, the team went in with high hopes, despite losing a teammate due to personal reasons.

The girls felt they performed a pretty good routine until the pyramid came. Bridget Mullane, the center flyer of the pyramid, collapsed due to a hyperextension of her knee as the team suffered a points deduction and eventually slipped to Dover.

After the Dover loss, the girls seemed determined to make their next competition a success. With Mullane out for two weeks, the Milford coaches called upon another flyer, Ashley Miller, to step in some stunts, including the pyramid.

Though they fared a little better, the team couldn’t prevail against three teams on Jan. 29. Although the coaches remained positive, they canceled the team’s next competition to allow the athletes to recover and rebuild the team’s success.