New Paintball Club Opens in Milford


By Cory Morris

Teammates close with light footsteps, adrenaline seeping and blood pumping.

Even light feet convince the leaves and branches to break and crackle under the pressure; like booms of thunder, the noise wanders deep into enemy territory. Within only a second, teammates scatter and paintballs fly overhead, splashing barriers and trees with oranges and greens.

Running for cover, ducking and weaving through brush, competitors attempt to spot their assailants. Less than a minute passes by and a victim has a solid paint splatter on his chest. His paintball gun is raised in the air as he walks off the field. For him, the game is over.

Paintball is “extremely addictive,” according to Feudal Paintball club co-owner Cory Burrington. “It’s the best stress reliever.”

The relatively new club is located on 1144 Log Cabin Road in Milford and offers a variety of games weekly for a reasonable price.
Woods-ball, a very popular back-yard paintball game, involves completely natural terrain, with two or more teams; speed-ball is tournament equivalent that occurs in a small field with two teams and unnatural barriers, such as pallets, tires, or blow-up bunkers. These games may also be altered by adjusting rules or objectives, such as capturing the flag.

At Feudal Paintball, rules can adapt to the players, too. For example, the “bang rule,” a very common rule among all paintball fields and clubs, states if a paintball player is within a certain range of another, the first player to yell bang gets the opposing player out, so there’s no potential danger. However, if decided, a group of experienced players may not use this rule during a game, and instead, they may use more common rules of paintball: get shot once, you’re then out and you must raise your weapon and walk off the field, and the first team with all players eliminated loses.

Prices for this heart-pounding game vary: $10 to play, $10 dollars for rentals, which include everything someone needs to play (if
necessary), and $15 for 500 paintballs, or a one-time membership fee of $25 and subsequent monthly fees in correlation to the amount of members. Members also get free rentals. This club is non-profit, so all proceeds go to the benefits of the club.

For more information of this pure adrenaline, stress-relieving, intensely-fun game, email Cory Burrington at