Mt. Enon Celebrates First Woman Pastor


For nearly 100 years, followers of Mount Enon Church have been celebrating the word of the Lord and fellowship in the Milford community. In 1918 Emma Deputy from the Union Baptist Church in Dover began holding services in her residence. The fellowship was not large enough yet for a Pastor but continued to grow as members held services in a tent and eventually bought a building to house their congregation.

Reverend Custas was the first official Pastor of the church followed by Rev. Marshall, Downing, Freeman and Holt. Reverend Holt has guided the Church, now located on Church Street in Northern downtown Milford, for over 20 years.

Last month, Reverend Dr. Patricia E. Green made history in the Mt. Enon Church, becoming the first licensed and ordained female pastor. In a historically male-centered Baptist community. Rev. Green has begun what she calls a “direct calling from above.”

“It has not been an easy journey,” commented Rev. Green. “I had become more involved in the Church and one day received a direct calling for God. The Lord spoke in my spirit said ‘Patricia carry the word.”

Patricia was born in Wilmington, Delaware but was raised by family in the Milford and Lincoln area. She joined the Mt. Enon Church at the age of 12 and immediately became involved. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Delaware State College, now known as Delaware State University, and acquired her Doctorate at Logos International Seminary in Florida.

After college, Patricia became an Elementary School Teacher for 35 years working in Washington D.C. and Dover, Delaware. When she moved back to Delaware, Ms. Green once again became more involved at Mt. Enon, building children’s ministries as the Youth Director.

Now as Pastor of Mt. Enon, Rev. Green intends to continue youth community services through outreach programs.

“I believe the most important thing to teach our youth is self-worth,” stated Rev. Green. “I believe that as a community we are not teaching them to realize who they are. The education system needs to focus on teaching children, not programs. I know there is hope and I want to make a difference and help build up our children.”

Being an active member of Mt. Enon for so long, Rev. Green believes that she can make a difference within the congregation. The foundation of friendships she has built on trust and faith in the church will allow her to carry out the teachings of what she refers to as “the total man.”

“God cares about the total man,” stated Rev. Green. “Not just the spiritual side but also the physical, emotional and mental development of each individual.”

Rev. Green was installed as Pastor of the Mt. Enon Church on January 28 and is looking forward to making a difference in the church and community at large. Church services for Mt. Enon are currently being held at 10:30am on Sunday mornings and at 11:30am on Wednesday mornings. Mt. Enon is located at 600 Church Street in Milford and can be reached by calling 302-242-1586.