Chamber Members Share Health Tips at Power Breakfast


CCGM Executive Director Jo Schemer

The CCGM February Chamber Power Breakfast was hosted by the Chamber Benefits Connection, who provides members with health and other insurance coverage, and has been doing so for over thirty years.

Host John Allen wasn’t the only guest speaker at the “Mini Health Fair” though, as he thought it would be a good opportunity for other chamber health related businesses to join him. John was the first one to speak at the breakfast letting guests know the Benefits Connection rates are established by a larger risk pool, so there’s greater predictability and stability than companies experience when going it alone. He says most employers don’t have the time, experience or inclination to comparison shop health insurance, that the Benefits Connection does all the leg work, helping to structure benefit designs and negotiating with multiple carriers. John added that in addition to the negotiating for the best rates, they provide flexibility, selection and exceptional service. For more information about the Benefits Connection call 302.294.2059 or visit

Amy Jackson, with Delaware Open MRI & CT spoke next, letting people know they offer free transportation, same/next day appointments, results are available in 24 hours or less, the have day, evening and weekend hours and offer a complimentary CD Rom of your study. They also have open non-claustrophobic designed imaging and allow family and friends to accompany patients during the scan. For more information call 424.0500 or visit

Up next was Kay Malone from La Red Health Center. Kay says La Red was created to improve access to health care for all Sussex County residents. She says they offer convenient on-site services, transportation, convenient payment methods, screening services, access to medications, educational classes and so much more from pediatrics to services for senior citizens. For more information call 855.1233 or visit

The guys, Jeremy Doucette and Keith Jackson, from ATI Physical Therapy (formerly Pro PT), say they are a large company with offices all over Delaware and outside the state. ATI PT offers sports and orthopedic therapy, certified hand therapy, auto accident care, functional capacity evaluations, vestibular rehab, balance programs, workers compensation services, spine care, geriatric services and aquatic therapy at the Greater Milford Boys and Girls Club. They say they also offer transportation and many other services, and have been recognized internationally for their Research Department. For more information call 422.6670 or
Jennifer Andrew, from Old Towne Physical Therapy says although they offer similar services as ATI PT, they are different as they are a much smaller company with offices in just Milford, Lewes and Longneck. Jennifer says their philosophy is that the patient is number one. She says they provide treatment with hands-on, compassionate care in a fun environment. Jennifer says they provide great communication with your doctor, employer, coach, or anyone else that is involved in your care. They too offer free transportation. For more information call 839.0900 or visit

Terri Brisbane, with Delaware Hospice, filled in for Luanne Holland, who was under the weather. Terri let attendees know that Delaware Hospice provides a multitude of services including grief support for families or individuals suffering any type of grief, not just from the death of a loved one. Terri mentioned New Hope, which is a program for children ages 6 to 17 who are grieving. She says New Hope is a free program available in all three counties and offers a summer camp in a fun, supportive state park for children who have experienced a loss of a loved one. Terri also informed guests that Delaware Hospice is unique, that it is the only non-profit hospice organization in the state. For more information call 856.7717 or visit

Nancy Feldman, from AFLAC spoke next, and says she wanted to make sure everyone knew that AFLAC is more than just the duck. Nancy says a product like AFLAC is more important than ever, with so many people out of work and illnesses being on the rise. She says basically people who have AFLAC policies can get through the rough times with cash benefits to help cover out-of-pocket expenses such as rent, child care and other costs not covered by major medical. Nancy says there are individual and group plans available through AFLAC. Some of the policies available for individuals include short-term disability, hospital confinement indemnity, hospital intensive care, accident, cancer/specified-disease, vision, dental and more. Group policies include disability, life, hospital indemnity, dental, accident and critical illness. For more information call 734.4364 or visit

The last guest speaker was Paige Deiner, a Licensed Massage Therapist from Guided Metamorphosis. Paige is a new member of the chamber offering all types of massage from Deep Tissue to On-Site Chair Massage. She brought a massage chair with her and several attendees enjoyed an early morning chair massage. One person (recovering from a back issue) was given a hand massage which looked like something I could use on a daily basis. Paige also informed the crowd about the importance of energy work, helping to decrease stress. She offers Reiki, Distance Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditations. For more information call 930.3055 or visit

After each vendor had the opportunity to speak, John presented Terri with $110.00 from the vendors to be donated to the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. Thanks to Mary Kay Representative Nancy Burris and Delaware Hospice Representative Luanne Holland for coordinating the “Mini Heath Fair”, and to John Allen for providing the healthy breakfast to all attendees.
For more information about the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford call 422.3344, or email