Citizen Survey To Appear in March Utility Bill


In March the Economic Development Advisory Panel will be sending out a Citizen’s survey to gain information about how residents perceive the city of Milford and its future. The Citizen’s survey will be located in the City of Milford’s monthly electric bill statement and delivered to all households that receive City electric.

The purpose of this survey is to act as a barometer for public opinion so that the advisory council may more accurately reflect the views of the public when making recommendations to the Economic Development Committee and Milford City Council.

“The surveys will allow us to see what direction the citizens would like the City of Milford to move in the area of Economic Development,” commented Economic Development Advisory Panel member Bob Connelly.

Last year the Economic Development Advisory Panel mailed approximately 600 surveys to the City’s electric utility consumers in an attempt to understand what obstacles businesses face while operating in the City of Milford. According to the respondents of the survey, utility rates was among the highest deterrents to the expansion of businesses, with 54% of respondents confirming that belief. The recommendations made by the Economic Development Advisory Panel to the City of Milford from the business survey included reducing electric rates.

The information from the citizen survey will be used by the Economic Development Advisory Panel to help prioritize the initiatives taken by the advisory panel moving forward. The advisory panel is a committee of local citizens
chosen to help evaluate and make suggestions on components of the 6-point action plan that was created and outlined by John Rhodes, a Senior Principal of Moran, Stahl & Boyer Economic Development Consultants, and adopted by the City Council on Monday, January 25.

The Economic Development Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Economic Development Committee that are then reviewed and taken to the Milford City Council for consideration. The information collected from the citizen surveys will be organized and presented to the public during a community forum, to be announced in the near future.

More information about the survey can be found on the City of Milford’s website at Citizen Surveys can be downloaded from the website and delivered, by person, to City Hall.