News from Lulu Ross Elementary


Ross Elementary held its annual fourth and fifth grade spelling bee on February 15th. This year’s winners are: First Place, Jessica Zhang from Mrs. Corder’s fifth grade class and second place, Ben Newlin from Mrs. Lopez’s fifth grade class. Jessica will have the opportunity to compete at the State Spelling Bee on March 17, 2012.






Mrs. Miller and her First grade class from Lulu Ross Elementary were recipients of an Energizer prize on Tuesday. Mrs. Miller submitted an essay about how they move throughout the day to Nemours Health and Prevention Services. Kristen Wan visited the school on Jan. 31st, to award the class with a variety of games to keep the kids moving throughout the school day. Ms. Wan wrote a grant for such prizes and travels throughout the state visiting classrooms that are striving to incorporate more physical activity throughout the school day.