Allison’s Hallmark Shop Continues Success


For 16 years Kathy Reisinger and her daughter Dana Saxon have owned Allison’s Hallmark store located on 680 N Dupont Boulevard in Milford. After working for the company for several years, Kathy was given the opportunity to purchase the business from the previous owner in 1996 and brought her daughter Dana on board to begin what would become a successful family-owned business.

“There was not a lot in this town when we moved here and we wanted to offer something to the community,” commented Ms. Reisinger.

In an industry that has found its way into many big box stores, Allison’s Shop prides itself on offering unique cards and gift items to the local community. Over the years they have focused on products that are made in the United States and continue to offer products created by local merchants.

Although newer technology has brought the advent of online cards, Kathy and Dana maintain that a personalized, hand chosen card and gift can never be replaced. The attention to detail and a focus on firsthand service has allowed Allison’s Hallmark Shop to remain successful despite the competition.

“People get a special feeling when they come into the Hallmark store,” commented Ms. Saxon. “We will take the time to help each individual find the right card so they can convey the exact message they want.”

Allison’s Hallmark Shop offers cards for every holiday, celebratory occasion and all of life’s milestones. The store offers a wide variety of gifts including home decor, candles, jewelry, boxed candy, women’s accessories and gift wrapping materials. Their commitment to service and their continued belief that “life is a special occasion” has contributed to their supportive and loyal local customer base.

“Our customers make us feel so appreciated and we are so happy to be here,” commented Dana. “We are so thankful for the support from our community over the years.”

Dana, Kathy and the rest of the Allison’s Hallmark staff are available to help customers 9:30-5:30 Monday thru Friday and 9:30-4:30 on Saturday. Located in the Milford Plaza at 680 N Dupont Boulevard, Allison’s Hallmark Shop can be reached by calling 302-422-3998.