Ribbon Cap Club Offers Hope


After being diagnosed with cancer in 2005, Cindy Canevari was looking for any sense of normalcy she could find in a life that had changed dramatically in an instant. Like many women under the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, Cindy had lost not only the hair on her head but her eyebrows and eye lashes. It was difficult for her to see the strong woman that was looking back at her in the mirror; the same woman that would eventually become a survivor of both breast cancer and bladder cancer.

Fortunately for Cindy, she had a strong support group of friends and family that helped her through her journey back to health and wellness. It was the support of a close girlfriend from Connecticut that allowed Cindy to not only see the strength in herself but create a non-profit foundation that would assist women from across the country that were diagnosed with cancer.

What is now known as the Ribbon Cap Club was started simply by the kindness of a single stranger. Cindy’s girlfriend from Connecticut, Joan, saw a woman wearing a feminine baseball cap adorned with a ribbon and thought that the hat would be a perfect gift for Cindy during her struggle dealing with the effects of chemotherapy. Joan explained Cindy’s medical condition and asked the woman where the cap had been purchased. In an act of pure selflessness the stranger removed her cap, handed it to Joan and asked her to give it to Cindy.

During the next few months of radiation treatment Cindy described that hat as giving her strength to push forward.

“For me the hat gave me a sense of who I was,” commented Cindy. “When you lose your hair you do not feel like yourself. When I looked in the mirror with that cap on it made me feel like the old Cindy; vibrant and alive.”

The new feeling that Cindy experienced was the impetus for the creation of the Ribbon Cap Club in 2006, an organization that makes feminine ball caps that are sold and distributed to women fighting cancer. All proceeds from the non-profit foundation benefit organizations that advance cancer research and education. Since 2006 the foundation has given away $45,000 to the American Cancer Society, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and other local organizations.

“We are dedicated to providing hope for those patients and caregivers who are facing cancer,” commented Cindy. “It is all about what we can do to raise more money so that we can give that money away.”

The Ribbon Caps are currently being sold in all four locations of Blooming Boutique (Milford, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach) and at the Tunnell Cancer Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with all proceeds going to the foundation.

The Ribbon Caps can also be bought directly from www.ribboncapclub.com where they will be made and delivered by Cindy herself. She has received orders from across the United States including New York, Florida and California. For more information about the Ribbon Cap Club visit them online at www.ribboncpclub.com.

“It really is a labor of love,” commented Cindy “I make happy caps with happy ribbons. I think this really gives women hope when they are going through this tough time in their lives, it can make it seem a little less scary.”