Alvontae Drummond Seeks To Maintain State Title


By Jalyn Powell

Milford High School junior wrestler Alvontae Drummond has posted some highlights for the past two seasons. After finishing runner-up in the Henlopen Conference Championship on Feb. 18, he doesn’t look to stop his success.

“I’m very motivated, hard-working and determined,” said Drummond prior to states.

Drummond, along with fellow teammates junior Jeff Delva and seniors Darreus McCrea and Colton Barr, competed in the Delaware
Interscholastic Athletic Association individual state wrestling championship on Feb. 24-25 at Cape Henlopen High School. Results came after publication deadline.

“This is good for him,” said MHS head coach Dan Rigby. “He took loses he shouldn’t have in the beginning, but he’s doing better now that there’s better competition.”

“Anything less than a championship title is unsuccessful for Alvontae. This is the most competitive weight class, but Alvontae is determined and focused.”

Drummond insists he’s prepared and noted that he looks forward to seeing a Cape Henlopen opponent to whom he lost in the Henlopen Championship on Feb. 18. Since that defeat, he spent his time working out and planning on how to counter his opponent’s moves.

“I’ve been practicing moves my opponents used against me to come up with a way to defend them,” added Drummond. “I’ve even stayed late after practice.”

Drummond has been talking to Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland hoping for an athletic/academic scholarship to continue wrestling in college. He said he wants his team to work harder, so they can win a Henlopen and/or state championship in the future.

“Hard work at practice pays off,” said Drummond. “Practicing during the off-season is beneficial, too.”