Mondestin Earns $10,000 scholarship


By Morgan Keesic

Markensy Mondestin, a Milford High School VIP student, recently accepted a $10,000 scholarship to join Early Start to Supported Employment program sponsored by the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services and Department of Education. He submitted his application last year and met the requirements of the post graduate program.

While Mondestin has had a few more challenges than other students, he has developed stronger social skills while at MHS. Even though he moved from Haiti, he learned English and overcame some early difficulties communicating with others, according to VIP teacher Mr. Jim Athey.

“Don’t ever give up,” Mondestin. “Just try your hardest and you will succeed.”

While he may not know as many things as most Americans yet, he can still be quite a sociable person, said Mr. Athey. Mondestin can make up for it by speaking a few different lauanges, like French and Spanish. He has also helped other MHS students from other parts of the world to communicate, or he even interprets for them.

Even though he has things he needs to work on his own to better his future he also spends time helping others. He helps clean at the local veterans’ home, and he has also helped out at church.

Mondestin isn’t quite sure yet what occupation he wants to pursue or what college he wants to attend, but his Early Start to Supported Employement program scholarship certainly can help cover some of the costs in his future.