School Counselor LoBiondo Says Goodbye


By Bethany Campbell

Mrs. Stephanie LoBiondo, the school counseling director for Milford High School, enjoyed her last day at MHS this past Friday, Feb. 24.  She will soon begin her new position as assistant professor and assistant chair in the Master’s School of Counseling at Wilmington University.

Mrs. LoBiondo’s new job will require her to teach others to become a school counselor, a task she believes will be very rewarding.

“I’ll be educating school counselors to be the best,” said Mrs. LoBiondo. “So, essentially, I won’t be working with just 300 kids, but rather thousands.”

She said she will most miss working with “my kids” at the high school.

“I love working with them, laughing with them, crying with them,” she said.

Not only will Mrs. LoBiondo miss the students, but they will miss her, too.  A group of MHS students made a poster for her to put in her new office, and students and staff signed it all last week to show how much they would miss her.

One teacher in particular, Mrs. Sandy Lewis, who has worked with her for all 13 years that she has been at MHS, has developed a special bond with her through work and bicycling together.

“I can’t even tell you how much she’ll be missed personally and professionally,” said Mrs. Lewis.