Proposed Designated Driver Program Looking For Sponsors


By Terry Rogers

Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. in Delaware, after discussions with the Delaware Department of Transportation and the Office of Highway Safety, has decided to make some changes to the program in an effort to expand their efforts to make Delaware highways safer. Although these changes will offer the service to more individuals, the need for corporate sponsorships and donations will be even more critical to get the program launched and keep it running successfully.

In an effort to make the service available to more people, riders will not be charged a fee. Those who wish to use the service may still call ahead and reserve a ride to and from any establishment or event where alcohol is served, or may contact the service should they realize they are too impaired to drive after patronizing an alcohol-serving establishment or event. Donations will be accepted, and because drivers will be paid minimal amounts to offer the service, gratuities are appreciated.

The program chose to launch in this area due to the lack of public transportation and taxi service. The rural nature of the area often means that a citizen may choose to drink and drive, not realizing they are over the legal limit, resulting in a DUI, or worse, injury or death to themselves or others on the highways.

The program has applied for state funding to expedite implementation of the service, but this funding will not be in place until 2013. Because state funding is not guaranteed, corporate sponsorships and donations are critical to launching the program and keeping it running regularly throughout the area. All corporate sponsors will receive advertising on the vehicles used by the service, local and national press releases announcing their sponsorship, and the knowledge that they are offering their customers a safe, reliable way to patronize their establishment or event.

Grotto Pizza in Milford has stepped forward to host the first fundraiser in the area to help get this program “on the road.” Vouchers are available by emailing, and the program will receive a percentage from every voucher used at the Milford Grotto’s location on March 7, 2012. The launch of this program now completely relies on the community.

If you are interested in making a donation, are interested in hosting a fundraiser, or to find out more about corporate sponsorship, please call (302) 270-3878 or email