Citizens Police Academy Continues To Excite Patrons


The Citizens Police Academy continued their class on Wednesday, March 7 at the Milford Police Department. This special academy is designed to allow citizens to see what Milford police officers do on a daily basis across several different divisions. This week police academy members were introduced to Milford’s Crime Scene Investigation Unit as they demonstrated the realities that these first responders encounter at active crime scenes.

Detective Sargent Kathy Getek led the presentation, introducing Milford residents to the Crime Scene Investigation Unit responsibilities and procedures. Officer Getek has been on the Milford Police Force for 18 years and a detective for 11. Ms. Getek joined the Milford Police Department after a 9 year career in the United States Air Force as a jet engine mechanic.

“When we walk into a crime scene it is like opening a book to us,” said Officer Getek to the citizen academy students. “Depending on how well we do our jobs determines if we get to the conclusion.”

Detectives Getek and Young explained in detail crime scene processing, evidence collecting and police protocol for active crime scenes. Both detectives warned students against taking too much they see on television shows as reality and demonstrated the extensive training and expertise required for their job.

“We use knowledge and skills to investigate a crime and may be able to tell the who, what, where and when but many times we cannot tell the why,” stated Detective Getek.

The Citizens Police Academy began in February and has allowed citizens to see many different aspects of police work. One very eye-opening activity placed students in the Deadly Force Training Simulator where each of them had the chance to reenact a traffic stop. Some students were met with violence and unpredictable situations, stressing the difficulties of the men and women in uniform.

“It was fascinating in the simulator,” commented citizen academy student Warren Huff. “I had to deal with two individuals who were pulled over for a traffic stop. I was yelling at them to stop, my adrenaline was going.”

Students of the citizen’s academy will also have the chance to shoot police issued firearms at a firing range, see a live K9 Unit demonstration and even accompany an officer on a ride-along. Upon completion of the Citizens Police Academy, students will be presented certificates by Chief E. Keith Hudson and his staff.