MSD To See Changes Next Year


Search for New Superintendent
In December 2011 current Superintendent Sharon Kanter turned in her letter of intent to retire from the Milford School District due to personal issues at a Milford School Board Meeting. With her last day being June 30 of this school year the School Board must make a decision in three months time in order to bring on a new Superintendent before Kanter’s tenure is up.

At last month’s School Board Meeting The Board of Education decided to choose a third-party consulting firm to assist with the Superintendent search. Given three choices of firms from around the country, The Board approved the use of the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration for finding qualified candidates for the position. The University of Delaware will send out online community surveys to analyze the needs and wants of the community and recommend finalist for the Superintendent position to the Milford Board of Education.

Board President Pat Emory states that before the recommendation is made by the University of Delaware, The School Board will be visiting and talking with groups in the Milford community to get a sense of what they are looking for in the next Superintendent.

“We need someone who can deal with the managerial and financial side of the position but also someone who fits well with the needs of our community,” commented Mr. Emory.

Block Scheduling To Return
This school year students, teachers and parents at Milford Central Academy and Milford High School were introduced with new class scheduling that came to be known as A,B scheduling. Under the old block scheduling students would take an average of four classes Monday through Friday for 90 minutes for half of the school year; from August to January. After that half year was complete the students were introduced to a new set of classes that would finish in June.

Under the new A,B scheduling students take all their courses the entire year and alternate which days of the week they have each class. For example a student will have English on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Math on Tuesday, Thursday throughout the entire school year instead of English every day from August until January and Math every day January until June.

“This new scheduling was put into place to accommodate the addition of required student credits by the State, the 90 minute PLC [Professional Learning Communities] times and the DCAS testing that tests students throughout the year,” stated Superintendent Kanter.

The new system saw several scheduling issues this year and a task force of volunteer teachers and administrators was compiled in October to come up with a resolution. The task force proposed a return to the block scheduling of last year but to continue year-long requirements for ninth and tenth graders in the areas of Math and English. The reason behind those requirements is to help prepare ninth and tenth grade students for the DCAS testing which is taken three times throughout the year.

With the addition of more required classes at that grade level, the task force also recommended that the required credits for graduation be reduced from 27 to 24. The School Board compromised at the last Board Meeting and passed a 25 credit minimum for high school graduation. With block scheduling reinstated next year, it will be up to the principals of the Milford Central Academy and Milford High School to determine how to enforce year long English and Math courses for ninth and tenth graders.

Change in PLC Times
Professional Learning Community (PLC) was introduced this year to allow teachers time to have conversations and make assessments on what the school needs collectively to serve each student individually.

Currently being held on Wednesday afternoons, the elementary schools in the Milford School District are dismissed from classes early those days so that teachers may meet to discuss assessment measures and the curriculum among classrooms. Next school year Milford High School and Milford Central Academy PLC time will occur on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am-9am. Students will have a late start on Wednesdays and begin their school day at 9am. The elementaries will embed after the school day and will not dismiss early on Wednesdays for next year; excluding Morris Early Childhood Center which has not made a decision as of this date.