Volm Accepts Naval Academy Scholarship


By Cory Morris

After almost four years of work and determination, a Milford High School senior has finally accomplished his goal as Robert Volm has accepted a scholarship from the Naval Academy, a very prestigious opportunity and school for anyone who plans on a military-related career in their future.

Although the first year of the academy is considered the most difficult, Volm remains excited for the perks and benefits of attending.

“I’m not looking for the regular college life,” he said.

Once graduated from the academy located in Annapolis, Md., Volm will be able to become part of the Navy or Marines ranked as an officer. In the process, Volm will receive a quality education, be able to attend a school near Delaware and form “great bonds” with other people from around the country who also attend the academy.

After schooling, Volm looks forward to serving the country, possibly as a Marine doing reconnaissance and intelligence. But to achieve his goal, Volm has already had to do a lot of strenuous work.

Volm started working towards acceptance in the Naval Academy his junior year. He worked on grades, securing a 4.0-plus grade point average and receiving an above average score of 1710 on the SATs.

Volm stated that MHS teachers, Mr. Jim Frketic (social studies), Mr. Seth Buford (English) and Mrs. Tina Hilligoss (math), each helped him significantly to achieve his goal of being accepted. Mr. Buford said he felt honored to write one of Volm’s letters of recommendation.

“He’s insightful, the embodiment of what the Naval Academy is looking for,” said Mr. Buford, who taught Volm during his junior year in AP Literature and Composition.

Beyond grades, Volm needed to be physically fit. To be accepted, Volm had to meet certain physical requirements, including completing timed runs and repetitions of sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups.

Volm also had to perform a year-long application process which involved contacting a local senator or congressman to receive a nomination. Volm contacted three senators, and U.S. Senator Chris Coons nominated Volm and later called him to announce the great news of his acceptance to the academy.

“My parents were ecstatic,” said Volm.

Volm, who will start his college career on June 28, said he looked forward to a “lifetime of success.”