MEA Interviews School Board Candidates

President of MEA Davon Dehel, Vice President for teachers Kevin DiCostanzo and Building Representative Jesse Parsley

On Wednesday March 21st representative members of the Milford Education Association (MEA) held School Board Candidate Interviews for the 2012 election that will be held on May 8. President of MEA Dawn Dehel, Vice President for teachers Kevin DiCostanzo and Building Representative Jesse Parsley assessed candidates with a series of questions regarding their intentions on running for Milford School Board and their vision of the Milford School District.

The Milford Education Association is a local professional organization that supports teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians and secretaries in the Milford School District. Their mission includes “providing all students with effective and appropriately challenging educational programs”. Abiding by that mission, the MEA has taken an active role in examining candidates for the Milford School Board.

“Two years ago the association decided that in order to make a positive change we had to become more involved,” stated MEA Vice President Kevin DiCostanzo. “What better way can we help the district and the students then by looking at the political process and asking the candidates what their vision is.”

Questions given to the School Board Candidates derived from a process where MEA polled the general membership about their concerns. After being categorized, questions were developed for the candidates that would answer the collective concerns of the entire group. Candidates were given the questions a week in advance and asked to come prepared to the interview process.

On Wednesday night, Candidates met separately with the MEA representatives and were given 30 minutes to answer a randomly selected group of the attached questions. Although the public was invited to listen to the interviews, the audience was not permitted to interact with the candidates or MEA representatives.

After all candidates were finishes answering the provided questions, representatives from the MEA reflected on the key points of each candidate. From these interviews, MEA will choice an endorsed candidate for each of the two 2012 School Board races to endorse.

“The process is a very democratic one and we do not make any decisions ahead of time,” commented MEA President Dawn Dehel. “Sometimes it takes us several days to make a final decision.”

MEA will be releasing the list of their endorsed candidates for the 2012 School Board election later this week. Candidates running for Milford School Board in 2012 include Barry R. Fry, Regina Williams, and Gary Wolfe competing for the At Large seat and Eugene H. Rust and Dean Johnson competing for the Area “D” seat on the Milford School Board. Both of these seats are 5 year terms that will begin on July 1, 2012 and end on June 30, 2017. The School board election will be held on May 8 with polls open from 10am to 8pm. Voting will take place at the Lulu Ross Elementary School, Morris Early Childhood Center and Benjamin Banneker Elementary School.