Local ‘Flower Guy’ Reveals Organic Growing Secrets

Bruce Blessing measuring out his new organic planting soil.

Bruce Blessing, better known as the ‘flower guy’ has opened his flower stand for the 23rd season this year on Route 1 at the corner of Sugar Hill Road just south of Milford. A 1981 graduate from Milford High School, Bruce has been growing and selling flowers at that location since 1989. Each year locals and visitors to Delaware visit Bruce’s stand to purchase geraniums, pansies, impatiens and vegetable plants which can be bought in pots or hanging baskets.

Over the years, Bruce has been a farmer, poultry-industry worker and composter, but his real love is growing flowers.

“There’s nothing that signals the arrival of Spring more than seeing and smelling the bright reds, pinks, greens and yellows of the season’s first flowers,” commented Bruce. “And if you’ve ever wondered what makes my flowers the best, I’ll tell you my secret—it’s the soil they’re grown in.”
Known for the quality of his flowers, Bruce will be introducing his secret to growing beautiful flowers this year at the stand that sits just 3 miles South of Milford city limits. Over the past 20 years Bruce has perfected the soil in which he grows his flowers by developing a new premium compost that is composed of organic materials like poultry and hatchery waste, yard waste, stable bedding, straw, hay and forestry waste.

The newly developed compost which Bruce contributes to his perfected flowers , named “Blessings Blend” is a product that actually decreases the environmental footprint by taking pressure off area landfills. Bruce uses yard waste from the towns of Milford and Milton and waste from the large chicken plants across Delmarva to create a organic compost that is used to grow flowers for commercial or personal use.

On his farm, Bruce develops his compost in an eco-friendly, in-vessel system where he can mix compost without the product ever coming in contact with the ground. Starting with recycled materials and ending with an environmentally sensitive product, Bruce prides himself on a process that focuses on protecting farmland and groundwater.

“We’re getting a lot of repeat business at the stand and positive feedback,” commented Bruce. “People love the compost.”

Blessing Blend is currently being sold in bulk to area golf courses, organic farmers, landscapers and master gardeners on the Delmarva Peninsula. Individuals looking for more organic products for their flowers, lawn or vegetables can stop by the stand located on Route 1 at Sugar Hill Road, 3 miles South of the City of Milford. The new organic compost, fertilizer and potting soil will be sold to the public in bags and buckets starting this April. For more information visit Blessings Blend at www.facebook.com/blessingsblends.