School Officials Refine Dress Code


When the Milford School Board passed the first dress code policy for the Milford School District back in May of 2011, the approval came with the understanding that school officials would revisit the policy after 1 year and examine its strengths and weaknesses. To facilitate this process, a committee composed of parents, teachers and administrators was chosen to review the 2011 policy and develop a proposal for a 2012 K-12 School Dress Code Policy that would be recommended to the Milford Board of Education.

On Monday, March 26 the School Board heard these recommendations and approved the new dress code policy that will be enforced in the 2012-2013 school year for grades kindergarten through 12.

“We really tried to focus on creating a document that was as easy to understand as possible for the parents and students,” commented dress code committee member Shawn Snyder.

School officials say that the newly adopted dress code is similar to the 2011 dress code but further defines what clothing is appropriate for students while they are in school. As stated in the 2012 K-12 School Dress Code Policy Statement “this dress code policy will supersede any and all previous dress code policies.”

Approved Dress Code bottoms include Khaki style pants, walking shorts, capris, skorts, skirts, jumpers or dresses. Although khaki is defined as a pair of pants made of khaki or fabric of a khaki color, students may also wear pants of khaki material that are black, navy or tan. Approved dress shirt tops must be Maroon, Black, Gold, Yellow, Navy or White Polo Shirts and must be collared with 2-4 buttons of solid color. Footwear must be appropriate as designated by the school administrators.

School officials state that they have had mostly positive feedback about the dress code with minimal complaints from parents and teachers.

“The student body as a whole has adapted well and I think in a few years we will not even hear about it,” commented President of the Milford School Board Pat Emory. “I also feel that you will see a decrease in disciplinary issues in the school district. It makes a difference in the education process as a whole.”

School officials including Director of Student Support Sylvia Henderson state that disciplinary issues have decreased over the last year and highlight the school dress code as a contributing factor.

The district has taken extra measures to ensure that all students will have access to clothes that fit the K-12 School Dress Code Policy. God’s Way and the Salvation Army in Milford will both keep a separate rack for clothing that matches the colors of the Milford School District’s new policy. Walmart has also been approached by the District to carry clothing that will be suitable for students to wear.

The new approved K-12 School Dress Code Policy will be available on the Milford School District website at Accompanying the guidelines will be pictures that represent a visual example of what clothing is appropriate and inappropriate under the new code.

K-12 School Dress Code Policy :