Dogs Seized In Cruelty Case Up For Adoption


Kent County SPCA has announced that the multiple dogs that were seized in the highly publicized animal cruelty case in Milford became available for adoption on Saturday, April 7th at the Petsmart store in Dover. Almost four months after the incident on Coastal Highway, these dogs will finally have the chance to find a loving family.

On January 14 Delaware Animal Care and Control (DEACC) officers charged 62-year-old Mary Carey of Milford with 13 Counts of Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty and 80 Animal Husbandry type charges. DEACC officials received a call from a property owner on Coastal Highway in Milford in regards to multiple dogs being housed on Ms. Carey’s property that did not belong to her.

Major Corporal Lewis of DEACC responded to the call and found several dogs being housed in travel carriers. In total there were 25 small, medium and large breed dogs involved which included 15 Papillions, 1 Border Collie Beagle Mix, 1 American Eskimo, 2 Dachshunds, 2 Shih-Tzu’s, 1 Beagles and 3 Labrador mixes. Officer Lewis reported that each travel carrier housed two dogs that were without food, water or any type of bedding. All of the dogs were shivering in the cold during the initial investigation of the property.

The owner of the property was then identified as Mary Carey, formerly of 24784 BakerField Road in Milford, DE. Ms. Carey was arraigned on January 18 at the Justice of the Peace Court 3 and released on $9,300 bond. Carey was ordered not to own or posses any animals until after the case was heard in the Court of Common Pleas.

Four months later, all twenty-five dogs have been through a behavioral review process by KCSPCA to ensure that they can be assimilated into a normal family setting before they are up for adoption. Two of the dogs seized from the Carey property that are not ready for assimilation yet have been placed with foster families to nurture friendly behavior and increase their chances of being adopted.

The dogs will be available seven days a week for adoption at the KCSPCA shelter on 32 Shelter Circle or at their satellite adoption center at the Petsmart in Dover. Applicants must fill out a pre-adoption application before dogs can be adopted and taken home. Individuals wanting to further assist the animals can donate supplies to the Foster Care program or become a foster parent themselves. To date, five of the dogs involved in the cruelty case have been adopted and three more have been fostered by local families.

“We certainly need a lot of help right now,” commented Mary Ann D’Amato, KCSPCA Community Partnership Coordinator. “We are starting to grow the foster program because we are starting to see an overall increase in the intake of puppies.”

Most needed item for these dogs and other animals at the KCSPCA shelter are puppy and kitten formula, toys, nursing bottles, baby blankets, small stuffed animals, clay litter, puppy house training pads and canned cat and dog food. For more adoption and donation information contact the shelter at 302-698-3006 or visit their website at