Outten Awarded Teacher of the Year


By Logan Anderson

Science teacher and soccer coach Mr. Ken Outten was announced in March as Milford High School Teacher of the Year for the second time in his 16-year career as an MHS educator.

To be selected as the Teacher of the Year, Mr. Outten earned the most votes from his fellow faculty members to win a two-round ballot.  An initial round narrowed the field to the top three vote-getters.

“Mr. Outten is a hard-working, grounded professional, which has proposed his life towards the positive impact and guidance of others,” stated MHS assistant principal David Carter.

Most students know Mr. Outten as a positive, upbeat individual and a fair, honest man, while his faculty members recognize his heart and soul he puts into his job to make him a successful. He said he believes all teachers “leave a legacy,” and that teaching is the place he gets to write his.

“I hope and pray that I can make the right decisions and display a positive example of what it means to be a man,” said Mr. Outten. “I have weaknesses and I fail, but I always try my best and hope people see that in me.”

Mr. Outten believes one of his skills that made him successful is that he builds relationships with his students.

“Mr. Outten is always making us laugh no matter what we’re doing,” said MHS sophomore Alex Frketic. “He has a great sense of humor.”


Fellow MHS science teacher Nathan L’Armand has worked with Mr. Outten for 14 years at MHS.

“He is a deserving recipient; he will represent our building well,” explained Mr. L’Armand. “Aside from delivering the goods in the classroom, he runs [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] and coaches, which has a positive impact on the lives of many students.”

Mr. Outten hopes he can continue to hone his different teaching skills.

“I believe you never stop learning and hope to inspire the love for learning that I have,” said Mr. Outten.  “I do enjoy teaching and the relationships I get to build over time.  My teaching techniques might be a little different from the norm, and if that is a good thing, I’ll take it.”