MEA Endorses Fry, Rust For School Board


Milford Education Association Executive Board

For the past three years, the Milford Education Association has conducted interviews of candidates for the Milford School District Board of Education. During this process, we strive to choose those who will best meet the needs of our diverse membership, while keeping our most important goal in mind: ensuring the best possible education for all students in the district. The candidates the Association has endorsed this year are:

Barry Fry – Candidate: At Large
Experience- Barry has served the Milford School District for over 37 years as a teacher in Agriculture Education, and over 20 years as Milford High School’s FFA advisor
Academic Excellence – Barry believes that every child should have access to an excellent education without undue bureaucratic restrictions placed upon the district staff
Community Involvement- Barry Believes that expanded communication with the community to incorporate community values into the educational vision of the district.
Transparency – Barry believes in further transparency in decision making to benefit students, staff and the community alike.

Eugene Rust – Candidate : Area “D”
Experience – Eugene has served the Milford School District in Operations for over 30 years.
Community Involvement – Eugene believes community input needs to have increased prominence in decision making for the district to benefit the students, staff and community as a whole.
Increase District Morale – Eugene hopes to continue work to increase morale in the district through expanded transparency and involvement of all groups. Increased morale for all will increase academic achievement for the students of the district.
Fiscal Responsibility – Eugene believes in continued fiscal discipline for the district in this difficult economic period.

Endorsing candidates is never an easy task. Each year several worthy individuals step forward. These are the individuals the Milford Education Association has decided best represent the goal we as a district continually strive for – a quality education for all students of the district. We hope that you join with us in our mission to provide a quality education for all students.