Oechsler Running for Mayor of Milford


This year’s City of Milford Elections will be held on Saturday, April 28. The polls will be open from 12 noon to 8pm at the Milford Middle School, located at 612 Lakeview Ave, Milford, Delaware. This year will host two contested races including elections for the Mayor of Milford and the First Ward seat for Milford City Council. For the mayoral race, incumbent Mayor Ronnie Rogers is being challenged by former city councilman James Oeschler.

James Oeschler has live in Milford for 34 years and is a 1986 graduate of Milford High School. James attended Delaware State University and Delaware Tech where he received his degree in Aviation Management. Mr. Oeschler worked at the Acme in Milford for 11 years and is currently working for the Nestle corporation where he has been for  17 years.  In 2008, James was appointed to a City Council seat when Cliff Crouch stepped down, where he served the City of MIlford until 2009.


1. Why are you running for the Mayor of City of Milford position?

I am running for Mayor of Milford because Our City has very high utility rates. Delaware has the 7th highest electric rates out of the 50 states and Milford ranks 4 fourth out of 12 in the states rates. Our City government needs to reduce our costs by 20 to 30% to help families, retires, households on fixed incomes, and local business. Government can remove the high utilities costs and help business to create jobs, families to have more income after paying bills, and make Milford the place businesses want to come and operate their companies.

2. What past experiences will you draw on to assist you in the position of City of Milford Mayor if you are elected?

As someone who was raised in Milford and is raising my family here I understand the values that our residents have and how we want to preserve our Small town morals and values, but have more access to jobs and shopping choices. I have worked in the Milford area operating a large sales and service company and this has given me the decision making skills to lower cost, planning for long term growth, hire local people, train and develop employees, have double digit sales growth for 10 years in a row, and I would like to use my sales experience to attract businesses to move to our area.

3. What are specific issues that face the City of Milford in 2012?

Utility costs, updating our infrastructure, and attracting new businesses to our City.

4. What is the greatest success Milford has had as a city in the last two years?

DMI, Milford Art League, Circle of Light, and the Milford Public Library have done great job helping our citizens and making Milford beautiful.

5. With the national economic recession still present, what will you do to facilitate a positive direction moving forward in the City of Milford?

I have a plan to reduce our utility costs to save our citizens their hard earned money. Then, we need to find ways to lower operating expenses. Thirdly our City needs to create an environment where companies want to bring their business to Milford, creating jobs, home sales, increase our tax base, and get our economy moving in the right direction.

6. What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of your next term if you are elected?

Electric rates lowered by 20%, Natural gas available to all Citizens of Milford, and Create local job growth with new stores and manufacturing.

7. Why should voters pull the lever for you on April 28? Because I am concerned for all of Milford’s citizens: home owners, renters, retirees, realtors, developers, business owners, workers, and families. I will have open and honest dialogue on the issues that concern our City, with an open door policy to everyone. I will make the tough decisions to move Milford in the right direction for the long term.