Spillane Running for Ward I Council Seat

Michael Spillane

This year’s City of Milford Elections will be held on Saturday, April 28. The polls will be open from 12 noon to 8pm at the Milford Middle School, located at 612 Lakeview Ave, Milford, Delaware.  Council’s First Ward race will see incumbent Garrett Grier challenged by former city councilman Michael Spillane.

Michael Spillane is an United States Army Veteran who has lived in Milford for 6 years.  He served as Councilman for Milford’s First Ward between the years of 2008-2010. In lieu of answering the questions received from Milford LIVE directly, Mr. Spillane submitted the following statement describing his intentions to run for Milford City Council:

I have lived in Milford for six years.  A graduate of Wilmington University Masters in Business Administration (MBA), disable U. S. Army Veteran and semi-retired.

I have the time, energy and expertise to give to the position on city council.  I served one term on the council (2008 – 2010) which provided me with the experience and knowledge of the council’s internal operation and responsibilities to the citizens of Milford.

My interest in community events and concerns for the growth of the City of Milford has provided me with the capability to bring fresh insight, new ideas and leadership skills to the council.

During my service in the U. S. Army, I was enrolled in many leadership courses.  While on Milford City Council, I was associated with the League of Cities and participated in seminars on city management.  I have served as chairman of the Charter Review committee, the Homeowners Association committee and the Annexation Committee.

This is an extremely important era in the life of Milford.  Issues such as economic development, infrastructure upgrades, planning and zoning, code enforcement and revitalization of the downtown area, to name a few.

Future issues facing the city are:

  • Electric, water and sewer rates
  • Solicit new businesses, providing jobs
  • Relocating the Police station
  • Stability in taxes
  • Parks and playgrounds

As a member of the community, I would like to be a part of the planning team that makes and promotes Milford as a community with vision, likeable, livable, historical, and artistic attributes.

I will strive to see that growth is managed in accordance with plans and guidelines, and code enforcement is maintained.

What the city does today will promote the city in the future.  It is the little things that help us achieve our best.  The polish of the city, the personal touches, the little extra effort, and the small courtesies we show – these little things can create enormous results as success.

I am an independent candidate who does not solicit funds.  Should I be elected, money will not dictate my decisions; I will rely on my own evaluation and best judgment as it affects our citizens.

“Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower