Ellendale Hosts Delmarva Firemen’s Convention

President Ted Walius and Women’s Auxiliary President Shirley Joseph

On May 3, 4, and 5 the Ellendale Fire Company will host over 50 volunteer firemen and ladies auxiliary associations from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia during the Delmarva Volunteer Firemen’s Convention. Making history this year, Ellendale will be the first fire company ever to host both the Delmarva Volunteer Firemen’s Mens Association and Ladies Auxiliary Conventions in the same location at the same time.

President Ted Walius and Women’s Auxiliary President Shirley Joseph are excited to receive the honor and look forward to celebrating the service and dedication of their first responders.

“We have never had a convention here and I know it means a lot to us all,” commented President Walius. “We have a lot of pride since we heard we were going to host the Convention.”

Mr. Walius is a retired fireman of 22 years for Dover Air Force Base and has served the Ellendale Fire Company since he was a teenager. His father was Chief of Ellendale Fire Company and a past President of the Association. The ladies auxiliary will also have a major role to play as they hold their convention during the same time.

“It is a really great honor,” commented Ladies Auxiliary President Shirley Joseph. “We are really a small town and to have something this big is quite unusual.”

Ms. Joseph’s father and mother were both charter members of the Ellendale Fire Company as well as her husband. Currently, Shirley has 3 daughters involved in the Ellendale Fire Company.

Thursday night of the convention, Volunteer Firemen’s and Women’s Auxiliary Associations from across the Delmarva peninsula will meet at Redden State Forest to begin the opening ceremonies. The events of Friday and Saturday will be open to the public and supporters are urged to come enjoy the festivities.

Friday morning beginning at 8am and lasting until 5pm the Ellendale Fire Hall will host vendors, arts & crafts, fire trucks and displays by local rescue organizations such as Camp Barnes and the Delaware Fire School.

Saturday afternoon starting at 9am a Memorial Service will be held at Ellendale United Methodist Church followed by a parade down Route 16 at 2pm. The major road will be closed off to all traffic as Volunteer Firemen Association members from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia march through town.

The public is welcome and encouraged to come out and support not only the Delmarva Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention but also the legacy of the Ellendale Fire Company. For more information about the convention and the public events contact the Ellendale Fire Hall at 302-422-7500.