Historical Visit By Philadelphia Athletics


Claudia Leister, Milford Museum Executive Director

Did you know that the Philadelphia Athletics played several baseball games in Milford in 1926? There are many stories about how owner/manager Connie Mack found his way to Milford. Mack and Dr. Walter Grier had been friends since 1914. Grier had attended a Philadelphia game when their star player Mickey Cochrane was sidelined due to an abscessed tooth. Grier offered the services of his dental research clinic at no charge. After successfully treating Cochrane, Dr. Grier offered dental services compliments of the Caulk Company.

Mack was convinced that medical science could help the “A’s” win the pennant. He believed that good dental health could affect his teams playing ability. As a result, he sent all of his players to the Caulk Dental Research Department for a thorough oral examination.

In a 1930 issue of the Milford News (published by Caulk) the following statement appeared: “From these studies it was possible to eliminate the infection, which contributed toward the curing of lame backs, bad ankles, stiff arms and fingers.” The article goes on to say that this dental work was a contributing factor to the success of the team winning the pennant.

At this time, the Griers were serving on the board of the Milford Emergency Hospital. Connie Mack offered to bring his entire team to Milford for several exhibition games. The “A’s” divided into two teams with one wearing “Milford” signs on their uniforms. The ballpark was packed and the proceeds were donated for the purchase of emergency room equipment. A plaque inscribed “Donated by Connie Mack and his Athletic Baseball Club, June 28, 1926” was hung in the emergency room of the new hospital. A good friendship helped the Milford community and provided locals with lots of good memories of when a professional baseball team came to town.