KSI Presents Years of Service Awards


Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc. (KSI), recently recognized employees for their years of service. Alphabetically listed, nearly 70 individuals were awarded certificates for 20plus years. They include: Dale Adams with 29 years of service, Matthew Biscoe with 24, Fentress Blake with 23, Hilda Bradford with 23, George Bull with 21, Michelle Burns with 23, Ann Burton with 23, Lorie Cannon with 23, Terry Christian with 28, Arnold Coverdale with 21, Michael Dorey with 28, Eric Fad with 22, Reggie Fisher with 30, June Fluharty with 28, Angela Greczkin with 27, Anita Greenlee with 24, Audrey Griffin with 30, Thomas Haight with 27, Dale Harr with 30, Janet Hawkins with 27, John Henning with 27, Sheila Hickey with 23, Leroy Hicks with 31, Tina Hollis with 33, Janet James with 23, Helen Johns with 27, Keenan Johns with 25, Kelly Jones with 22, Anthony Katcher with 24, Michael Katcher with 26, Yolanda Kelly with 20, David King with 31, Gary Kopple with 26, Donna Lee with 20, Lisa Littleton with 27, William Lofland with 26, Jerome Matthews with 28, Steven Miller with 26, Cindy Millman with 27, Preston Mosley with 25, Ryan Mulvaney with 21, Charlie Nabb with 20, Anthony Nixon with 28, Herman Paynter with 36, John Satterfield with 22, Jean Schieferstein with 36, Robert Seward with 27, Sally Skweres with 27, Sheila Slade with 27, Mary Spencer with 27, Jay Sterndale with 27, Eugene Sullivan with 25, Cathy Swierczewski with 26, David Taylor with 20, Robert Thomas with 34, James Thompson with 23, George Todd with 27, Leonard Townsend with 24, Gwen VanAlstine with 23, George Ward with 22, Benny Waters with 27, Donna Waugh with 24, Nancy White with 22, Gwen Williamson with 28, and Mary Jo Yates with 27 years of service. Unavailable for the picture were: Gary Allen with 22 years of service, Craig Chandler with 30, Vernon Merrell with 27, Steve Shenk with 30, Kim Sullivan with 20, and Doris Winans with 21.

KSI, celebrating its 50th Anniversary, is a not for profit agency providing vocational training and employment services to individuals with disabilities throughout Kent and Sussex Counties. KSI is committed to making all reasonable accommodations in order to ensure that our programs and services are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. To learn more about KSI visit their web page at www.ksiinc.org or call Alicia Hollis, Director of Community Relations, at (302) 422-4014 ext. 3015. We invite you to like us on facebook. Our business page is facebook.com/ksiworks.