Milford Museum Closing For Repairs


Claudia Leister, Milford Museum Executive Director

The Milford Museum will be closed from Monday April 30 through Thursday June 30 for major construction work.  The building is owned by the Department of State, Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs and leased to the City of Milford for use as a Museum.  This is good news for the Museum, since all major repairs are paid for by the State.  We have recently had to have the old furnace replaced and are enjoying a new more efficient system.  The upcoming closure is mainly due to the need to replace the handicapped access ramp.  A permanent bricks and mortar ramp will be constructed.  At the same time, the crumbling cement parking lot will be replaced.  We would like to thank local representatives Gary Simpson and Harvey Kenton for their financial support in this project.  Roofing experts will be repairing the ongoing roof leaks, plus an updated Security and Fire detection system will be installed.  New exhibits will be installed, walls painted, collections inventory and cataloging will be addressed.