New Century Club Continues Tradition

Century Club Program Elaine Dickerson & Dawn Kenton

Matthew Short

The Milford New Century Club has been a part of the Milford Community for over a century; celebrating their 114th anniversary last February. The Milford New Century Club was built in 1885 and was organized and funded by Peter. F. Causey Jr, son of Governor Causey who was elected to state office in1854. It was formerly a private school known as the Milford Classical Academy but was rendered in 1898 by the City of Milford as the Milford New Century Club took ownership.

The building served as a home to 8 women who began holding meetings in the downtown location on Church Street. Among the women was Mrs. Jonathan Spencer Willis, who was one of the Clubs founding patrons and the Club’s first President from 1898 to1902.

“The purpose of the club was to sponsor women’s ideas and issues on political and social fronts,” said David Kenton, Historian for the Milford Museum.

The group was involved in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union back in the early 1900s, which was started by a church oriented group that fought to keep the distribution and selling of alcohol, known as the ‘local option’, out of their certain areas. The club was also involved in the Women’s Suffrage Alliance which supported Women’s right to vote and run for office.

The Club House was bursting with busy activity last Thursday for the Annual Card and Game Party. A delicious lunch was served at noon, games played, and prizes awarded.

“I want to thank the Board and the Club Members for their support and assistance and to the many guests who attended this year’s event,” commented Club member Doris Hoover. “With pride, the members want to carry on the rich tradition that embraces the Milford New Century Club.”

After 114 years the Club’s house still holds meetings the first Monday of the month, October through May, at 1:00 p.m. in the Club House, 18 Church Street, Milford. The meetings consist of guest speakers from a variety of non-profit and faith-based organizations. Members of the New Century Club look forward to preserving the traditional location of the Club house and the Club’s proactive community legacy.