Friends of the Library Named Unsung Heroes


During their monthly meeting in April the Milford Public Library staff honored the Friends of the Library volunteer organization with a very deserving tribute thanking them for their dedication. Many times working behind the scenes, the Friends of the Library devote long hours and unwavering commitment to promoting the goals of the library. Over the past 11 years the organization has raised $165,000 for the Milford Public Library without soliciting money or items but through what they call friendraising and fundraising. In addition to raising money for library activities, the Friends of the Library are the largest advocate for directing locals to use the services and programs at the public library.

The Friends of the Library hold annual events to help raise money for library programs including 3 major book sales, 2 themed book sales, a yard sale and a jewelry and accessory sale. Unlike the predictable book sale that raises a few dollars of profits, the President of the Friends of the Library Patricia Palmer has added an element of professionalism to the fundraisers that has resulted in hundreds of dollars in donations at each event. According to Patricia, the organization handles 125,000 books per year and sells 500-600 bags of books during their annual events.

“We are very agenda driven and everyone has an assigned job,” commented Ms. Palmer. “This year the Friends of the Library have been able to fund all of the adult and child programs at the library, purchase new computers for the Children’s Room and new cabinetry for the Delaware Room.”

The organization has recently worked to create literacy advocacy programs for children and adults in the local area. They have adopted a program that hosts GED classes at Christ Episcopal Church in Milford and donated books and magazines to several local organizations like the Greater Milford Boys and Girls Club that provide support for adolescents.

“Libraries are much more than they used to be.” commented Patricia. “it is more than just providing books, there is so much going on here and it is our role to support that.”

During April’s meeting, Director of the MIlford Public Library Kay Hudson presented each member of the group with a certificate of appreciation for their dedication and service. The group as a whole was presented with a large scrapbook-like display featuring photos of past functions and activities as well as words of thanks and deep appreciation.

“There are not enough words to describe or say about Pat Palmer and the Friends,” stated Ms. Hudson. “They are an amazing group of people. Not only do they support the library but they also reach out to other venues. The best way I can describe them is “they are the wind beneath our wings”.”

The Friends of the Library meet the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the Smith Conference Room at the Milford Public Library. Individuals are encouraged to join them in supporting the Milford Public Library. For more information contact Patricia Palmer at 302-424-0549.