MHS Uses Theatre to Teach Financial Literacy

Actors Zach Flax and Andy Brown and introduced ‘Insane About Investing’ Tour, an interactive perspective on financial literacy

The State of Delaware’s Department of Justice has partnered with the National Theatre for Children, Inc. (NTR) to offer Delaware schools a live theatrical production focusing on the concepts of saving, investing and fraud protection. On Wednesday, April 25. Milford High School Math students in grades 10-12 were greeted by actors Zach Flax and Andy Brown and introduced to the ‘Insane About Investing’ Tour, an interactive perspective on financial literacy.

Since Milford High School does not offer any financial literacy classes, teacher Tina Hilligoss thought it would be a great opportunity for MHS students to engage in these educational sketches designed to teach students how to manage their finances for the future.

“It was great to give the students a look at real-life situations,” commented Ms. Hilligoss. “Soon they will be faced with the opportunities of getting a credit card or buying a car and they need to be prepared.”

The ‘Insane About Investing’ Tour will be visiting schools throughout the state of Delaware through May 9. The tour is not a lecture but a comedy show about money, using improvisation to teach students through laughter. Students were taught how financial choices affect their future, the different levels of risk between saving and investing, how to protect themselves against scams and fraud and the importance of developing a savings and investing habit.

During the first sketch students were taught how to develop a family budget to help them control their revenue income. Sketch 2 demonstrated to students that they are in control of their own financial future by engaging them in a live game show. The final sketch took students into their own futures by using a psychic to look into how investing in the long term can pay off.

“I was really impressed by the creative way they presented their information,” stated MHS student Madi Dodge. “I felt that I really grasped the concept of what they were saying. Though my thoughts about investing have not yet reached a level of “insanity”,
it’s good to know my options.”

The National Theatre for Children, Inc. hosts several tours during the academic year throughout the United States. Whether they are teaching students financial literacy, nutrition or tobacco control, the NTR aims to teach, entertain and inspire through interactive theatre.