Williams Running for School Board At-Large


The School Board election will be held on May 8 with polls open from 10am to 8pm. Voting will take place at the Lulu Ross Elementary School, Morris Early Childhood Center and Benjamin Banneker Elementary School. Five candidates are competing for two seats on The Milford School Board of Education. Barry R. Fry, Regina Williams, and Gary Wolfe will be competing for the At Large seat on the Milford School Board.

Regina Williams

My name is Regina Williams. I am 33 years of age. I reside in Milford for which I have been living for the past 7 years. I am a native to the Milford School District. Both my children and I have received our elementary education from the district. I have completed my academic grade school career within said district; my children are currently attending.

Why are you running for School Board?

The district is in dire need of a fresh perspective. I aim to bring that perspective.

What past experiences will you draw on to assist you on the Milford School Board if you are elected?

I will marry a combination of my education and my elected experience. My education consists of: a high school diploma (Milford High School), RM “A” School for Computer Technology Certificate of Completion (United States Navy), Patient Care Technician diploma (Star Technical Institute of Technology), B.S. Criminal Justice (Wilmington University) M.S. Administration of Justice with a Concentration in Homeland Security (currently attending Wilmington University). My elected experience consists of being a member of the Criminal Justice Association, a member of the National Honor Society for Criminal Justice, a member of the Delta Epsilon Rho Honor Society, a five consecutive term awardee of the Dean’s List for Wilmington University, and lastly am a member of the True Grace Ministries, formerly known as St. John F.B.H. Church of the God of the Americas (church). I have a great amount of experience with dealing with a professional and diverse group of peers.

What are specific issues that currently face the Milford School District?

Some of the issues that the Milford School District is currently facing are job cuts, financial hardships both within the administration and in the community, and securing a qualified superintendent.

What is the greatest success Milford School District has had in the last two years?

The greatest success the Milford School District has occurs every year in the form of promotions for students to the next grade level and graduations for students who have completed an academic school age career.

What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of your next term if you are elected?

I am not able to predict the future, so I cannot say what will or will not be accomplished by the end of the term if I am elected. I will say that I will give my all to ensure the success for all of the students within our district.

How will you assist the new Superintendent in his/her role in the District?

Depending on the assistance the new Superintendent requires, this will ultimately determine the assistance that he/she will receive. I will lend to my fellow members to jointly provide whatever aid that the Superintendent requires as allowable under the applicable guidelines for which such matters are handled.

Why should people pull the lever for you on May 8?

People have several options for deciding to vote for me on May 8th. They could vote Regina Williams because prior teachers, Patricia Masten and John Bayalis have slated that this would be the best selection. They could vote Regina Williams because I have been a silent advocate for the district for numerous years. For instance, let’s discuss HBI 190, Page 226, Lines 9-11. For those who are not familiar with this, it is the House Bill that the Department Education put into play that determines that the district should be accountable for some transportation costs to save money (no justification supports this Bill). I have been actively pursuing the change or decrease in said accountabilities with assistant to Senator Colin Bonini, Heather Lehman. I am dedicated to this district and will continue to support my district regardless of the outcome of the May the 8th. Dedicated. Lastly, citizens should vote for Regina Williams on May 8th most importantly because I care about the children in this community. I am a mentor, a volunteer, and aid to the community. I do not make my efforts publicly known because when you do something from the heart, it requires no acknowledgement.