City Of Milford Economic Development Survey Results

Economic Development Chairwoman Sher Valenzuela and Councilman Garrett Grier during an Advisory Board meeting.

In March the Economic Development Advisory Panel sent out a citizen’s survey to gain information about how residents perceive the city of Milford and its future. The citizen’s survey was located in the City of Milford’s monthly electric bill statement and delivered to all households that use City utilities. The purpose of this survey was act as a barometer for public opinion so that the advisory council may more accurately reflect the views of the public when making recommendations to the Economic Development Committee and Milford City Council.

The information from the citizen survey will be used by the Economic Development Advisory Panel to help prioritize the initiatives taken by the advisory panel moving forward. The advisory panel is a committee of local citizens chosen to help evaluate and make suggestions on components of the 6-point action plan that was created and outlined by John Rhodes, a Senior Principal of Moran, Stahl & Boyer Economic Development Consultants, and adopted by the City Council on Monday, January 25.


By the Numbers:

Strong opinions on housing and development. 88% of respondents answered either “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that rental homes and apartments should be monitored for safety, and 71% replied in a similar fashion that construction should be done on vacant lots rather than the outskirts of town. A majority disagreed that Milford should “recruit new residents and add new housing.”

Are you not entertained?! A demand for more entertainment was visible, with 70% agreeing that Milford needs more options for those under 18 and 71% seeing a need for more entertainment for adults. 78% thought that Milford should add things like an amphitheater or museum to the Riverwalk area.

In search of more eats & stores. Survey respondents listed the types of new eateries and businesses they would like to see come to Milford. Leading the way for food was a seafood restaurant, a sandwich shop, a barbecue joint and and Italian restaurant. The most-desired new retail stores were home improvement, home furnishings, home & garden and sporting goods.

Hometown pride. Milford scored high marks among survey respondents, with 61% agreeing that the quality of life was improving in the City. Also, a majority agreed that Milford was a great place to raise children. A full 70% stated that they would recommend Milford as a great place to live, versus just 8% who disagreed.

For the full Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of results from the Citizen’s Survey, click here.