Fur-Baby Boutique To Open New Facility End of May

Artist's rendition of the completed new Fur-Baby Boutique facility on NW Front Street in downtown Milford

Just one year after opening their doors on Walnut Street in downtown Milford, Fur-Baby Boutique is moving to a new location and expanding their pet services to the Milford community. Fur~Baby Boutique began last April as an up-scale cat and dog boutique that focused on eco-friendly, rescue friendly, organic and handmade items. Since then they have kept their commitment to supporting local artist and small regional businesses while providing awareness for local animal rescues and saving lives.

Owner Sherry Shaffer hopes that the move will allow the business to become more than a boutique that sells uniques pet items. The new, larger facility, located on SW Front Street, will allow Fur-Baby Boutique to expand its services to include doggy daycare and grooming 6 days a week while also acting as a host for adoption and educational events.

“The new building is over 2,000 square feet so it will give us plenty of room to offer many exciting new features,” commented Ms. Shaffer. “Our master groomer, Janice Ervin, will be joining us full time and we are especially excited about the addition of our indoor dog park.”

Fur-Baby Dog Park will offer an indoor, cage free facility where dogs can socialize with other dogs, increasing their social skills and activities during the day. Ms. Shaffer intends the park to be a daycare facility where dog owners can bring their four-legged friends while the owners are away at work or out for the day.

“ Doggie Daycare benefits Fur~Babies in several ways,” commented Ms. Shaffer. “Instead of sitting at home alone bored & waiting for you, they are playing, being socialized, and having a great time with other dogs.”

According to Ms. Shaffer,doggy daycare will help eliminate boredom behaviors caused by lack of activity,inadequate mental and physical stimulation. Social skills will increase as dogs learn how to play and interact with other dogs. Daycare will also feature a special daily nap time, filtered water and agility equipment. Monthly educational classes at the park will include adoption events, behavior training and pet safety programs.

The new Fur-Baby Boutique and Doggie Daycare facility will be opening at the end of May and announcing its Grand Opening in June. Ms. Shaffer also hopes that the move to SW Front Street will encourage the expansion of economic development to additional streets in downtown Milford. For more information about Fur-Baby Boutique’s new location and expanded services contact them at their current lcation at 302-725-5078 or visit http://www.fur-babyboutique.com/.