Pelican Bar Set To Open In 3 Weeks

Bryan and James Hahn looking over floor plans for the new Pelican Bar

After 11 moths of preparation and much anticipation from the Milford community, The Pelican Bar looks to open its doors at the end of May on the Mispillion River. Located on NE Front Street, the building adjacent to the Milford Senior Centre will be occupied by a new business for the first time in years.

Owners Bryan, Tanya and James Hahn are looking forward to bringing a new experience to town, focusing on a relaxing beach-like atmosphere. The island themed bar and restaurant is expected to be fully functional, serving food and alcohol, within the next three weeks.

“Milford has never seen anything like this, this place should be at the beach.” commented owner Bryan Hahn. “ I wanted it to be in Milford to offer people a place where they can come have a fun time and not worry about the fighting or spending their entire paycheck to eat dinner.”

Mr. Hahn and his business partners chose the town of Milford because of the recent opportunities they have seen in this area. Born in Delaware and an employee at Dentsply Caulk, Bryan Hahn is very familiar with the town of Milford and its focus on economic development. Mr. Hahn intends to hire his staff from Milford and looks forward to giving back to the community in any way possible.

“[Milford] is a growing town and we want to be part of it,” commented Mr. Hahn. “We will offer a beach atmosphere in Milford so you don’t have to spend your day in the car driving just to get to one.”

Over the next several months the Pelican Bar will continue to evolve as the owners develop three separate phases that will expand the bar in size and in scope. Phase I, which will be completed when the doors open, will include a bar, restaurant, dance floor and VIP room. Phase II, which is expected to be completed in 2 months, will include additional dining area, dance floor, game room and outside seating where patrons will be surrounded by sand. Phase III will feature seating on the riverfront and picnic tables overlooking the Mispillion River.

“It is not going to be a club but a place for entertainment after dinner hours,” commented Mr. Hahn. “It is going to be a lot of fun.”

The Pelican Club will serve light food including burgers, quesadillas and wings. The facility will host four 40” flatscreen televisions and a touch tone sound system. Mr. Hahn will be inviting local and regional DJs to provide entertainment on the weekends. With business plans developed, floor plans drawn and construction almost complete, the owners of The Pelican Bar are anxious to get started. Mr. Hahn is aiming to open the establishment to the public in 3 weeks.