Milford Utility Users Will See Billing Changes


City of Milford utility users can expect to see some changes in their billing operations in the next few months. In an attempt to increase customer service to city residents the City of Milford will be creating four payment cycles that coincide with four specific areas of Milford and removing late payment notifications by U.S. Mail.

The first change that users will see is the redevelopment of their billing cycle. All City of Milford utility users will no longer be billed at the same time each month. Dividing the city into 4 specific area, utility users will receive their utility bills in the week that coincides with their area. One quarter of the city will receive utility bills each week.

“Over the years we have built up thousands of utility accounts and still have only two cashiers and limited staff,” stated City Manager Richard Carmean. “We have two unbelievably chaotic days each month where the staff is trying to deal with thousands of City of Milford utility users at once.”

By spreading the utility billing into 4 weeks the City of Milford intends to decrease the number of customers their staff provide services to at any one specific time. The City hopes that this will also allow their staff to give increased attention and customer service to each customer.

Officials at City of Milford state their will be an adjustment period in June where customers will receive utility bills that exceed the traditional 30 day billing period so that the new billing cycles can be put into place. Customers should expect to be billed as low as 34 days to as high as 50 days during the adjustment period. After the adjustment period the normal billing cycle of 30 days will be reinstated.

“The first month of billing will be quite an adjustment for all users and the staff, there is no doubt about that,” sated Mr. Carmean. “Some of these changes are going to be tough but it will allow the City to serve our users more effectively.”

Several months down the road the City of Milford will also be eliminating the late payment notifications that are sent to utility users by U.S. Mail. Currently mailing approximately 1,800 late notifications each month, the City of Milford looks to discontinue these mailing all together saving revenue in the process. A new late notification system will be put into place and could include phone calls or email notification for late payments.

The City of Milford will continue to stress online utility payment for City of Milford utilities in the future. Information on how to pay City of Milford utility bills online can be found at For further information about changes to the utility billing system individuals can contact City Manager Richard Carmean at 302-424-3712.