94 Cats Seized From Milford Property

Source: Kent County SPCA

On Friday, May 25th Kent County SPCA received a call regarding a potential cruelty situation involving several cats on a property located in Milford, DE. A warrant was secured to investigate the property and Animal Control Officers were confronted with a much more severe violation upon inspection of the property. Several hours later, two Animal Control Vehicles, a van and a truck pulling a horse trailer, arrived at the shelter packed with animal carriers filled with cats and kittens.

In all, 94 cats were pulled from the Milford property. The cats were diagnosed with varying degrees of medical problems including upper respiratory disease, ulcers of the eyes and skin issues. Many of the cats were also missing eyes. Due to the number of cats and level of illness among them, a temporary cat room has been set up at Kent County SPCA with dedicated staff specifically for that room so that there is no cross contamination.

“As this is an ongoing case; we are unable to divulge specific details of the case,” stated officials at Kent County SPCA. “The cats have all been relinquished by the owner to the Kent County SPCA and eventually will go up for adoption once medically sound and spayed or neutered.”

Until the cats can be put up for adoption, they will require a lot of medical care and attention. Kent County SPCA is asking for the public’s assistance by donating food, supplies and money to aid in their care. They also urge individuals to consider adopting the cats currently in the shelter so that room can become available for the 94 seized cats when they are ready.

“Situations of this, although shocking, are becoming less uncommon due to the lack of spay and neuter options and education for the public,” stated Kent County SPCA officials. “Cats, especially, are likely to be found in hoarding cases as there are few to no resources for them. Through education and extensive spay/neuter resources we can finally reduce such cruelty through neglect of our animals.”

Most needed item for these cats and other animals at the Kent County SPCA shelter are kitten formula, toys, nursing bottles, baby blankets, small stuffed animals, clay litter and canned cat  food. For more adoption and donation information contact the shelter at 302-698-3006 or visit their website at www.kcspca.org.The Kent County SPCA is located at 32 Shelter Circle in Camden, DE.